Colors over New York City and WTC, U.S.A.

It's Not Enough To Not Forget

I used to feel sorrow on this day, but with each passing year, I feel more anger than anything else. Not just anger at the monsters who perpetrated such a brutal attack, but anger at how we, as a nation, have sinfully dishonored those that have fallen—how we’ve handed an ironic victory to those who hate us so and seek to change our way of life in this great country.

It’s not enough to “not forget”. Something like this should have awoken us as a people and caused us to reaffirm our pledge to each other to guard our way of life in America like never before. It should have united us in a bond of steel. You could say that it did, but I would argue that it did so only for a very short time.

I find it perplexing that, in the fourteen years since the greatest foreign attack on U.S. soil since Pearl Harbor, we’ve managed to become more divided as a nation than since the civil war. We’ve not only gone back to sleep, we’ve welcomed the wolf through the door and allowed him free reign of the house. In the aftermath of this life-changing event, we’ve granted nothing but opportunity to radical liberalism in dividing us and infecting the minds of our children with anti-American propaganda.

College professors now teach our children that the attacks on 9/11 are our own fault—the proverbial chickens coming home to roost. They go to great lengths to offer sympathetic views of the terrorists and reason that their murderous slaughter is somehow justified. Meanwhile, an American president declares to other nations that America is far too arrogant for its own good and needs to stop referring to itself as the greatest country in the world. He admonishes us for our pride and tells us that we must learn to accept that we are no longer the number one nation, by measure, in the world.

On this day of memoriam, I ask you to go a step further than to just say, “never forget” and post pictures of buildings on Facebook. I ask you to spend a few minutes of your day thinking about what our nation has become, in the years following this nightmare. I ask you to honor those that have fallen, not simply in silence or memory, but by ensuring that their children never face the same fate.  I ask you to recognize the DOMESTIC threats to this country that come not in turban cloth armed with AK-47’s, but in a politician’s business suit wielding ideology far more damaging to this country than any hijacked airliner. I ask you to remember what a TRUE American really is and then be one!

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