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Weekend Festivities in Randolph County

Whether you're hanging out in Asheboro, Ramseur or Randleman, there is plenty to do this weekend in the county. If you're looking for baseball, no problem! If you want to absorb history, we got it! If you just want to sit around, relax and listen to music, we have that too!

McCrary Ball Field

Head out to Asheboro's McCrary Ballpark this Friday July 24th for some exciting baseball action. The 1st place Asheboro Copperheads will be taking on the Forest City Owls, game time 705 pm. There is nothing like watching "Americas pastime", eating a hot dog and drinking a cold beverage. McCrary Ballpark is located at 138 Southway Rd

Randleman's Commerce Square

This Friday July 24th, head to Randleman to hear the sounds of "North Tower". The festivities begin with the Farmers market opening at 5 pm and continuing until 10 pm. During the Farmers Market, "North Tower" will begin playing at 7 pm and play until 10 pm your favorite oldies, beach music, top 40 & funk . So if you're in the area, head on out to Commerce Square for a good time of food and music.

Ramseur Happenings

The Ramseur Community Museum will be open this Saturday July 24th from 10 am-4 pm. The museum is located at 1517 Main St. After visiting the museum, head to downtown Ramseur for some great country music. The sounds of "Kari and Billy" will be at Roller Mill Hill in downtown Ramseur from 6 pm-8 pm. If you want a day of history and country music, Ramseur may be the place for you.


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